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Your relationship with your home has a fundamental influence on the beautiful life you lead.  When your home is cluttered and disorganised, undecorated and devoid of style, your inner being starts to pine for something that you struggle to identify. That something, is tied up with the universal human need and desire for individual significance, security and acceptance.


Over many years I have studied how the design of our homes, our thoughts, feelings and behaviours; our body, soul and spirit, are all related.  For as long as I can remember I have always had a passion for home, art and architecture and their relationship with us.

You and I are complex human life forms, created with a purpose and a destiny. When you fully realise who you are, why you are here and how to live life, everything falls into place and a journey of amazing discovery starts to unveil itself.


Hi, I’m Julie and for 50 plus years I have been living my Life Brilliantly!  To be fair it has been a roller coaster, plenty of ups and downs and left and right turns and the odd pivot or two.

A few years ago I discovered afresh, elements of my life that had become dormant.  I rediscovered dreams of my younger years and had a renewed energy for living life. I am on a journey, and very happy if you would like to join me in this adventure. If you would like some help along the way then please get in touch.

curating your beautiful life

Working with Christian Women I help you to discover how the elements of your life are supporting you. I support you as you look to improve them and harness them. Ultimately so that you can proudly proclaim that you have a beautiful curated life and you live brilliantly. 

I offer one to one mentoring and accountability sessions, virtual and live vision board workshops alongside a group programme ‘Discover your Essence’.


Interior Design & Project Management

Creating your Happy Home is central to you living your life brilliantly. A home that is organised and styled brings harmony and peace.

I currently offer 3 project mentoring packages that help and support you as you DIY your home.  Utilising my 25 plus years of expertise and experience in Interior Design, it is possible to have the home that makes you go ahh at the end of a hard day at work.  A place to call home and a place that empowers you to live life brilliantly.

Declutter & Organise

The connection between clutter, disorganisation, success and happiness  is well researched and documented.  I am sure you can testify to how good it feels when you have completed a good tidy up and clean at home.

If you want to get more organised and streamlined with your home life  or work life, in order to live your life even more brilliantly, then learning some organising strategies will help.  As you strive for excellence in your professional worklife, so you should strive for excellence in your home life.


Woman Praying

The Wheel of Essence

The Wheel of Essence™ is a tool that has been developed so that you can self assess where you currently are in curating your beautiful life.  It is based upon your degree of happiness in a number of areas in your life so provides you with a sense of your current reality and an understanding of the elements in your life that could be improved upon. Click the link below to receive your Wheel of Essence.

I help you to Cultivate your Beautiful Life so that YOU can Live Brilliantly

A little about me.

When I left school I wanted to be a teacher, but didn’t make the grades.

I served as a Guide Captain, Barn Owl and a Ranger leader with the Girl Guide Association.

I attended University/Art College to study Interior Architecture and Design at the age of 34 – I graduated with a School of Architecture prize for my extended Dissertation and a high 2:1.  #HappyBunny

I love to travel and explore the world.  I am privileged to have lived and worked in some amazing places, including Malaysia, Thailand and India. I have visited China, The Yeman, Gambia, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, Israel, Egypt, Sri Lanka, USA and Canada, and many more.  Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Japan are still on my list. 

Julie Stevens around the World

I learnt to ski aged 34 and it is now my favourite sport – I am however a ski snob and only ski in Whistler Blackcomb, Canada!

My hubby, Martin and I are owned by a cat called Duke.

My life so far has been rich and varied. I have experienced both poverty and riches, scaled mountains and swam in warm seas.  My experiences, knowledge, expertise and my take on life means I am UNIQUE – just like YOU.  Hence the name of my business – Younique Designs.

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