Curating your Beautiful Life

Every element of your life matters.  Your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Your Beautiful Life awaits you to step out and up.

Dreaming Big, Not Playing Small

God created you for great things for His Kingdom.  

Discover all that He has for you – ARISE.

Living Brilliantly

“Whoever claims to live in Him must walk as Jesus did.”

1 John 2.6

Be your Essence

Do you know your purpose and your calling?

Do you know who you really are?

Curate your Beautiful Life
so that you can
Live Brilliantly

When I was first prompted to think about a ‘curated life’, I went first to a dictionary to discover the meaning of the word CURATE.  The dictionary defines it thus: ‘to take charge of and organise, to pull together, sift through and select for presentation”.  Then my thinking went to, what do I need to curate?  As I pondered on this I realised that there are many areas in our lives that need taking charge of, sorting out and pulling together, so that we can present ourselves ‘blameless before the throne of God on judgement day’.  (Eph 1.4, Deut 18.13).

For many a Beautifully Curated Life maybe devoid of overwhelm and problems, easy going and quite possibly mediocre.  Simplifying life is really about the choices we make. 

You are the only one that can assume responsibility for your time and to clarify what is important to you – you are the one that ‘curates your beautiful life’ and what makes it everything but mediocre.  Your choices are far more powerful than your circumstances and whilst you may not like how complicated your life is right now, no-one is forcing you to let it stay complicated.  God expects you to carefully choose how you spend your time.  Galatians 6.5.

Once you know what elements of your life need curating (and it’s an ongoing growth process), then you will recognise that to Live Brilliantly is the naturally occurring result of the choices that you make.  The long and short of it – it starts with YOU.

You are YOUNIQUELY DESIGNED to live your Life Brilliantly.

Group of 6 women

The Wheel of Essence

The Wheel of Essence™ is a tool that has been developed so that you can self assess where you currently are in curating your beautiful life.  It is based upon your degree of happiness in a number of areas in your life so provides you with a sense of your current reality and an understanding of the elements in your life that could be improved upon. Click the link below to receive your Wheel of Essence.

Personal Accountability and Mentoring Sessions

If you are wondering what to do next in curating your beautiful life then you can book a one off or series of sessions with me.  Together we can map out goals, aligned with your dreams and your needs.  We can discover together what is really important to you in your life and curate a plan of action.

As you take action you will live brilliantly.

Before that though – I offer a free 30 minute discussion call – click below to message me and we can set up a time.

Yor Future Re-Imagined Virtual Vision Board Retreats

Vision Board Retreats are an amazing personal experience.  Spending a few hours discovering your dreams and ambitions for your Beautiful Life.  Unveiling all that you would love to become for God and all that you already are, in order that you can Live Brilliantly.

Write down your dreams and visions, make them clear so that you can run with them so they will come to frution at their appointed time.  Habakkuk 2. 2-3 (my paraphrase)

If you would like to join our next live or virtual Vision Board Retreat find out more by clicking the button below.

Discover your Essence Programme

The Discover your Essence Programme launches later in 2024.  To be one of the first to know more join the wait list by clicking the button below.

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