Do you do the same?  Set yourself a task and when it comes to doing it, doing anything else instead seems so much more appealing – yet that ‘anything else’ is just not getting done either, as the fact that you are supposed to be doing something else is just nagging in the back of your mind and hence you don’t enjoy doing the ‘anything else’!

I find it kind of ironic that I set myself the task of writing a blog post about motivation yet I have had no motivation to write it!  I have looked for the ‘anything else’ all morning.

The only way through it is to do the thing that you are trying to put off doing – after all you did promise yourself that you would do it and you don’t like letting yourself down as that just puts you in a bad mood. – well it does me anyway.

Yep, I hear you, and I see you and I have been guilty of it so many times and this morning has been one of those.

Right now though, I am writing (well typing) – so I have made a start.


The dictionary defines motivation as:

‘the provision of a reason to act in a certain way’

‘having a strong reason to act or accomplish something’

‘Something that motivates may be an incentive – a reward’


Start with Why etc.

The definitions made me chuckle as they resonate with so much that I read about motivation in my research.

  1. start with why, 
  2. find your why, 
  3. one step at a time, 
  4. start with one thing, 
  5. start small,
  6. set a goal – a smart goal,
  7. share your why, 
  8. commit publicly, 
  9. get support, 
  10. build anticipation
  11. get excited
  12. think about it daily
  13. put it on a post it
  14. think about the benefits
  15. find inspiration
  16. stick with it  

By the time I have read all of these things I am overwhelmed and de-motivated.

But in all seriousness as I have procrastinated on writing this blog post this morning I have had to really ask myself WHY?

Finding my Why

Q: why do I want to write a blog on motivation?

A: (Don’t know is not an answer) – to help other people who struggle with similar things I struggle with to get better as doing the things they struggle with.

So that?

A: they get to feel the joy I feel when I have accomplished the thing I struggle with.

So that?

A: they are motivated to try something else.

So that?

A: they continuously find joy.


Conclusion – I want to be a Joy Bringer!


A short ‘off the cuff’ exercise which has been rather enlightening for me.  Why not try it yourself and see what conclusion you draw.  Ask yourself a question and after your first answer ask yourself the ‘so that’ question until you reach a conclusion that makes you smile.

Last week when I decided to write a blog about motivation and how to stay motivated I wasn’t sure what I was going to include – I certainly didn’t think it would be this.  I researched a few blogs and looked in my many personal development books and thought about a title – ‘7 ways to get motivated and stay motivated’ seemed like a good one.  I have found 16.

I hope that this short blog does bring you some joy – at the least, a smile of recognition and agreement as you realise it’s not just you that sometimes lacks the motivation to do the thing you have promised yourself you would do. 

Let me know your Why of the thing you are struggling to do right now, by pinging me a message at