Introducing the Interior Design Power Hour

Your chance to pick my brain, have my undivided attention and get clarity on your home design dilemmas.

Do you want to get out of the rut you are in when making decisions about the design of your home?

Do you wish you could pick the brain of an Interior Designer who understands the challanges you face?

Do you want to speak to someone rather than have them come to your home during this time of uncertainity?

I am here to help.  

As someone who has worked in the Design Industry for 25+ years and run my own Interior Design Consultancy since 2007, I have wisdom, knowledge and understanding that can put your mind at ease and give you the clarity you need to move forward with your home design project.

“One of Julie’s greatest assets is her willingness to share her knowledge with others.”


What are your current Interior Design dilemmas?

You may be faced with a number of decisions to make right now about your home. 

You could be considering the benefits of a redecoration, a refurbishment or a complete remodel of your home.  But your mind goes around in circles on all of the options and you still cannot see the wood for the trees.

You may have made the decision to redecorate some rooms, but despite buying so many paint tester pots you still cannot decide on a colour, and then again what about wallpaper, that could work.

You just don’t know how to go about making this huge decision.

You may now be wondering if you need some professional help, but have no idea on how to approach Interior Designers and how to select the right one to work with.

You feel well and truly stuck and fed up with arguing with yourself and anyone else sharing your home.

You just want to get started and have a Happy Home.

Julie Stevens

Let me help

Book an Interior Design Power Hour with me.

Pick my brain.

Receive honest and knowledgable feedback and suggestions.

Get clear on what you want to do and get a plan for the way forward.

Become confident in making decisions.

Be inspired, motivated, and encouraged.

Receive a big dose of determination and leave behind any self doubt.


What is an Interior Design Power Hour?

A power Hour is a 1:1 video call with me – Julie Stevens, owner of Interior Design practice Younique Designs Ltd for 13 years and with industry experience of over 25 years. 

No home visit required – so pandemic proof. 

A chance to pick the brains of an experienced expert – for many years I have been one of the ‘Ask an Expert’ at the  Grand Designs Live show in London. 

A chance to pick the brains of someone who has helped many clients over the years to choose the right colours, select the right light, declutter and organise, and ultimately fulfil their dreams of creating a happy home. 

A power hour is an opportunity for you to ask those questions that constantly go around in your mind about the decisions you need to make about your home. 

It’s a chance for you to have a designer take a look at your tentative designs and get some feedback. 

It’s a chance for you to finally make a decision about moving, or improving your current home.

A power hour is a confidential, nurturing and confidence building session full of hope and certainty.


Invest in yourself and your home - Invest in an Interior Design Power Hour


Are you ready to get clear on the way forward and leave self doubt behind?

You can book your power hour session now by clicking the button below.

I only have a limited number of power hours available each month, and as you might expect, they book up quickly.

Want to find out more before booking your Power Hour?
Here are some of the most common questions that people ask about the Interior Design Power Hour.

Why should I book a Power Hour when other designers visit for free?

For many years I have provided free consultations and many clients have benefitted from my wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  I’ll be honest ‘free’ does not pay the mortgage. Free will not give you the answers you need right now.  Free always comes with a price tag and sometimes a ‘hard sell’.  The Power Hour is an equitable investment. 

Where will the Power Hour take place?

The Power Hour takes place from the comfort of your home and the comfort of my design studio.  I use a piece of software called Zoom which is free for you to use.  You will need a laptop or desktop computer equipped with video and audio.  I will send you a link with your booking conformation.

What do I need to prepare before the session?

Once you have booked your Power Hour I will send you a short questionnaire which will allow you to provide me information about your project and/or your current dilemmas. You can also send me any images or plans that may be helpful during our discussion.

What do I need to bring to the session?

The session recording will be sent to you afterwards along with any information agreed during the call.  You may like to take your own notes, so access to your favourite notebook and a talking stick (pen) could be good.  Otherwise bring an enquiring mind and a desire to love and create your happy home.

How will the session be structured?

Upon receipt of your completed questionnaire I will create an outline agenda that will be personalised to you.  The general format though is:
1. Agree your desired outcomes
2. Explore the possibilities and options surrounding your situation
3. Facilitate quick wins
4. Set goals and form a strategy for your way forward.

Is it ok for my husband, wife, partner, builder to join the session?

The Power Hours are designed to be 1:1, but of course your husband, wife or partner are welcome – in fact it is often best that they are involved.  These sessions though are not designed for your builder (unless that happens to be your husband, wife or partner). If you particularly want a session with your builder involved then please message me before booking a session.

What about babies and children?

Babies and children are part of you family and depending on their age they may have some great feedback and suggestions.  This session though is value packed and for you to get the most out of it you will find it easier and way less distracting if you could find someone to watch over them for the hour or so.

What if I need to cancel?

Sometimes life just gets in the way and I am sympathetic to that and am happy to reschedule the Power Hour as long as I am given 24 hours notice.  The bookings are not refundable and I will only reschedule once.  There is high demand and I value my time and energy in preparing for each session.

What happens after the Power Hour?

Once the session is over I will email you the recording (within 48 hours tech willing), and any follow up bits we may have agreed.    If appropriate the email will include an invite to a follow up telephone call to see how you are progressing.

“I can’t tell you what a relief it was to have the help of someone with an instinctive understanding of the situation and who executed it decisively and with a good humour”.


Book your Interior Design Power Hour NOW


A Power Hour with me is intended to give you clarity, hope and courage to move forward in creating your happy home.

You will leave inspired and excited about what you are going to achieve in your home.

You will leave feeling confident in your ability to make informed decisions and

You will love your home again.

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