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It is a real privilege to work with clients who have allowed me to get to know them and their uniqueness.

Designing for people is such a personal interaction and relationship, quite often the bond that is created lasts beyond the project.

I have had the pleasure of speaking to groups of people, whether that be at a live event such as Grand Designs Live, or the Ideal Home Show, or smaller initmate workshops, masterclasses or seminars.

I sincerely love all that I do and hope to be able to continue to serve many more people over the coming years.

Here are just a few of the many testimonials that people have kindly given me.

Thank you all. 

HOME is the place we find comfort, refuge, and love. Especially for high achievers, a well-designed and ambient environment for our family is the key to long-term success and fulfilment. With over a decade of experience and her authentic care for her clients, Julie is the professional expert you want to work with!

Kelly Baader

Home & Business Owner

Julie saved my marriage! In the final stages of a huge kitchen renovation, disagreement over something as seeminly straight-forward as wall colour was about to cause a virtual divorce – until Julie arrived that is! In no time at all, she had written her prescription for paints, told me which colours worked on which walls, and suggested ways of integrating the tiles, floor, worksurfaces, & cupboards. 


Home Owner

Again and again Julie has shown her knowledge and skills as a designer. Julie has the patience and discipline necessary for long term interior design projects as well as the skills necessary for home staging and property styling.

One of Julie’s greatest assets is her willingness to share her knowledge with others just starting out in the design and property styling industry. I enjoy reading her posts on various design and industry related blogs as well as her articles in magazines and newspapers.

Annie Doherty

Director - House Doctor

I didn’t want to wait until the end of the project to thank you for all that you’re doing. As a teacher I thought I’d mark you on work done so far:
10/10 selfless, practical friendship
10/10 professionalism
10/10 sound advice and understanding
11/10 hard work.
Looks good for the final outcome. 


Home Owner

We both want to tell you how delighted we are with the new bedroom and bathroom – we feel we are staying in a ‘top notch’ hotel. You really have made our rooms look marvellous.

Thank you so much for all your hard work we do appreciate it all. Your true vocation shows through in your achievements for us.

Jan & Mick

Home Owners

Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time and trouble to come and talk to our NWR group this week.

I think now we understand when you say its not about plumping cushions!

I think everyone there found it absolutely fascinating, and equally I think we’ll all find it very useful, sooner or later.


NWR - Group Leader

Julie, you are so talented and quick to interpret needs and create an innovative response, even if it is on a shoestring.


Home & Business Owner

Thanks so much for your awesomeness Julie.

Joanna Martin

Shift Lifestyle

Julie turned a drab living room into a wonderful space. An excellent service!


Home Owner

Now the walls are painted to her colour scheme, Julie is working on blinds to pull the whole scheme together. I can’t tell you what a relief it was to have the help of someone with an instinctive understanding of the situation, and who executed it decisively and with a good humour! Both my husband and I love the colour scheme, would never have come to it ourselves, and eveyone who sees it has commented on it too. Julie just walks in and feels the vibe of a space, uses her understanding of style, colour and texture to help YOU imagine it’s potential and then just get’s the job done – Thanks Julie!


Home Owner

How many times have you attended a seminar or presentation, and despite the obvious knowledge of the individual, their lack of presentation skills spoils the event?

As well as being an expert on her subject, Julie has a natural and authorative style which makes her seminars interesting and enjoyable.

As a media firm we work with many professional broadcast speakers but we always enjoy filming Julie because of her talent as a presenter.



Most relationships, most households would benefit from a session with Julie to understand how to decorate their property. – To decide in a shorter time than the 3 years it normally takes us!

Thoroughly recommend.


Home & Business Owner

Are you wondering what to do next?

If you would like to find out how you can Curate your Beautiful Life and Live Brilliantly then please get in touch.

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