Now that video has become a leading marketing tool you are competing against all those in comparable, and the same industries as you. So how do you ensure that you ‘stop the scroll’ as your lives and promo video’s fly past the eyes of your potential customers? – 

How do you make YOU memorable?

If you are using video, FB Live, YouTube, Webinars, MS Teams or Zoom calls during the course of your business or creating online content or courses, then you need to Make your Workspace Work for YOU – especially your video backdrop.

STOP PRESS: …… Has your speaking engagement been cancelled?
STOP PRESS: …… Have you been asked to present online?
STOP PRESS: …… Are you doing video consultations?


Is your workspace ready? Is it working for you? What will people be seeing behind you when you appear on screen?

How do you make you memorable?

Backdrops tell a story, they set a scene

In the theatre or on a film set, the background provides context and character to support the actors in front of it.  To help tell the story and to set the scene. In the same way your backdrop (the space behind you and around you, as you sit or stand in front of the camera), needs to support you and what you are saying.  It needs to communicate your brand, it needs to reinforce your marketing message and it needs to communicate your personality.

Julie Stevens

People buy from people – we were created for relationship.

We were created for relationships with others, for connection. Our mammalian brain assesses what it sees first – we naturally look and make an assessment of someone on what we see before we appreciate and understand the persons values, mission and vision.  This being the case, we need to make sure that our first impression counts.  We all know that it only takes 3 seconds to make that first impression. 

Each morning we look out of the window and take in the view of the sky.  We look at the clouds, and measure the greyness of the sky.  We look at the trees to assess the strength of the breeze.

Our eyes and other senses take in information and makes a judgement, upon which, we make a decision.

With a screen there is vision accompanied by sound and words (if the video has subtitles); there is no physical sensation, no ability to reach out and touch. Hence, the amount of work that your backdrop needs to do to ensure that people engage with you is huge. It has to reach out and touch.

The benefits of a great handshake are well documented – the benefits of a great backdrop are not yet.  But here are some of the benefits I know you will get.

  • You will become seen, appreciated and valued as a go to expert in your field.
  • Your surroundings – your backdrop, will enhance your client’s experience of you and enhance their total experience of working with you.
  • As a result of having a styled backdrop you will immediately feel empowered, inspired, confident and focused working in your workspace.
  • You will have the confidence to ‘go live’ at the drop of a hat.
  • Your video backdrop will become easily recognisable in a crowded and saturated social media feed – you will ‘stop the scroll’ for your ideal client.
  • People will stop and watch and engage with you.
  • You will cultivate that know, like and trust factor that we are all told we must have.
  • You will not be left second guessing how to set up your stage, you will have your template and adaptable solutions in place and ready to go.
  • You will win more clients and be able to charge more for your knowledge, expertise and experience.

How can I help you?

Working together with my unique ‘Through the Lens Design’ package. I view your workspace and in particular your potential backdrop ‘through the lens’ via a Zoom video call.

When viewing a space on a screen everything is flattened.  You don’t ‘see’ depth of field.  Your brain works out the scale and proportion and makes a judgement about you and your space but there will be items that will appear ‘off’ when seen on screen, if not correctly positioned to create depth of field through the lens.  To the naked eye in the room, the styling will appear perfect, but the subtly of the flattened image is such that the complete message could be translated in a totally different way if some tiny tweaks are not made.

Using ‘Through the Lens Design’ is the only way to get this right.

The Through the Lens Design package includes:

  • 90 minutes online design session and action taking – in the moment, designing and creating. Be prepared to get out of your seat and do the do during the session.
  • Creating Video Backdrops that Convert – an ebook full of tips and ideas for creating additional backdrops to match your changing needs. (upon publication).
  • Go Live Fast Checklists to ensure that you always optimise every opportunity you have to present you and your brand online.
  • If needed a bespoke shopping list for any additional props that you may need to enhance you and your brand that will make you really shine on line.
  • BONUS – The MUST HAVE ‘prop in a box’ HOW TO use guide.

Book your Through the Lens Design Session Now.

Once you have made your payment I will be in touch to book your 121 session.

I look forward to helping you succeed in this ever changing world of work that we live in. One that is evidently going to be ruled by a screen.
I look forward to helping you change the way you work, creating your personalised online handshake.

“I spend a lot of time in front of a camera, either creating videos or on video calls with my clients so I turned to Julie to help me create a backdrop that was both visually interesting and professional. I loved being able to tap into Julie’s vast design expertise on the skype call and get to work there and then as if she was actually in the room with me! By the end of the session Julie had used the items I already had and somehow transformed a set of messy shelves into something stylish that still represented me and my brand. And not only that, I really enjoyed it and learned a lot too! Highly recommended.”– Karen Knott, Prime Time Business


Julie helped me to make my workspace work for me. She gave me specific advice tailored to my small, home-working environment and helped me to understand the importance of having my own dedicated work space instead of grabbing a seat wherever my chair and laptop fitted. Julie has a lovely, empathetic but a no-nonsense approach. She listens and then gives you practical, real advice. My workspace and setting for my business videos has been measurably improved by following her advice.’– Anna Moss, Brand Stories