Online Virtual Vision Board Retreat 

In January 2020, who would have imagined what would be happening now?  Who would have predicted, the fear and uncertainty, the loss of life and livelihood.

In January 2020, did you imagine a year that was full of great dreams and did you have a plan worked out on how to bring those to fruition? While you may be still hopeful, you may not be certain and these last few months may have led you to think again about your dreams and goals.

Right now, our world is starting to open up again.  We are experiencing a new freedom. A new way of living is emerging.

But what has happened to your dreams? 

Dream & Imagine

Be Courageous & Live Brilliantly

Join me, Julie Stevens, as I guide you in re-imagining your future through an online vision board retreat.

Your Future Re-Imagined Virtual Vision Board Retreat


You may have completed a vision board before, or maybe you have never even considered writing down and visioning your dreams.  With 2020 coming to an end, we look forward, maybe with some trepidation, to what 2021 may hold for us.  This Vision Board Retreat will be a nurturing and confidence building space, a space where I will encourage you to dream and to have a vision.

This online virtual retreat will be for a small group of likeminded women to ‘re-imagine your future’.

A day just for you.  

A day to reflect with permission to dream. 

A day where there is no judgement. 

A day of looking forward and not back. 

A day in which you can write down your dreams. 

A day when you can add a visual representation to those dreams. 

You can keep your vision board in plain sight, to inspire you, to encourage you, to spur you on to take action.


Dreams don’t come true just because you thought them up. You need to take action.


What’s included in your Virtual Vision Board Retreat?

  • A day to breath, relax, dream and imagine – the very thing you keep telling yourself you’ll do.
  • Pre-retreat encouragement and ideas sent by email.
  • Pre-retreat workbook to get you ready for your special retreat day.
  • A precious gift sent by post.
  • A pre-retreat checklist of the things that you will need on the day.
  • A day with like minded people to encourage you and support you as you journey through the day.
  • A day for seeking clarity on your future dreams and goals.
  • Time to map out the pathway to your dreams for each area of your life.
  • A methodology to use time and time again when setting goals to fulfill your dreams.

Your Future Re-Imagined

Virtual Vision Board Retreats are scheduled for:


  • Friday 8th January 2021 – 9am – 3.30pm (UK time)
  • Saturday 9th January 2021 – 9am -3.30pm (UK time)


Virtual Vision Board Retreats will be held via Zoom (a free online video service)


There will a maximum of 8 at each retreat.

All details will be emailed to you in time for the Retreat.


Curate your Beautiful Life, so YOU can Live Brilliantly.


 Your Investment in YOUR Future – £88.00


The day was amazing, Julie made us feel very welcome and we were able to share our dreams and had time on our own before to think about what we wanted to achieve.

The journey of creating the vision board was amazing, putting down to paper (well board), the vision I had for my life and seeing it.

Now I’ve got it hanging up in my room and saved as a screensaver on my phone and pray over it every so often. I even printed out a picture to put on the front of my journal to remind me of what my vision is in the season of life and continue to pray over it.


When I walked into the room I immediately relaxed.  Any fear about the day vanished as the space was created for relaxation and creativity.  Julie had prepared everything for us.

Julie led us in an exercise before we started flicking through magazines, which really helped me to focus and inspired me to dream big.

My vision board is helping to guide me through this time.  Each day I look at it and know what I have to do to reach for those dreams.


For many years I stopped dreaming.  For too many years my dreams remained unfullfilled.  More recently I came to realise that I need to do something about my dreams not just dream dreams.

I started to read more about dreaming big dreams, having a positive vision for my life and setting goals on how to get there.

I am very much a work in progress, just like you.  I am Curating my Beautiful Life so that I can Live even more Brilliantly than I already do.

I am a professionally trained Interior Designer and Project Manager and have a specific interest in how our lives are affected by the enviornments we live and work in.  You can find out more over on the home page.

I look forward to welcoming you to one of my virtual retreats.  I promise to look after you, to encourage you and support you.  Once you secure your place you will recieve a series of emails with lots of valuable content to help you to start dreaming before the retreat day.

If you should have any questions please ping me an email.

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